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212 Magazine - Issue 16

212 Magazine - Issue 16

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212 Magazine is a large-format international biannual magazine based in Istanbul.

It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews.

212 is a playground for photographers, artists and writers to communicate their thoughts on any given subject matter. Our aim is to collide the worlds of photography, art, fashion, and culture at large, with an in-depth editorial identity that affectionately merges the past with the present, as we like to call it the ‘long-now’.

212 Magazine - Issue 16, Anxiety Antidote

Autumn/Winter 2023

Anxiety digs deep into our very essence, in this day and age. We constantly feel wired and on-edge. A degree of mental peace only seems to exist in the vivid visual narratives of contemporary art and photography. This issue of 212, ‘Anxiety Antidote’, is a collective quest for inner peace, how to deal with our everyday worries, and the remedies artists and thinkers prescribe. 

In a world of uncertainties, ‘Anxiety Antidote’ is more than just a theme — it invites introspection. While no panacea exists for every ailment, perhaps the real antidote isn't in escaping chaos, but in embracing, understanding and reshaping it.

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