Antidote #21
Antidote #21
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Antidote #21

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Antidote is a twice-yearly fashion magazine of international scope. A publication with the ambition to become an Indispensable event every six months, based on a captivating theme.

Antidote remains true to its original concept, creating a book-like publication, by offering a different guest photographer the opportunity to co-produce each issue.

The opportunity each season to deliver the unique vision of such artists as Giampaolo Sgura, Hans Feurer, and Victor Demarchelier to a sophisticated readership in search of innovation.

Each issue consists of contributions from writers chosen for their rapport with the theme in question: sociologists, historians, film directors, novelists, journalists, artists, etc.

A diversity of tones contributes to the vibrancy and completeness of the perspective offered by the magazine.

As farsighted in its editorial as its fashion presentations are visionary, Antidote announces the trends to come in a powerfully creative milieu that endows it with unparalleled prescience.

In this issue:

This box brings together four publications: Antidote Magazine, Antidote Curates, Antidote Fanzine and Antidote Newspaper.

After celebrating our 10th anniversary, we now offer a new editorial formula contained within an eco-friendly box and fully biodegradable. This brings together several publications, including the magazine, focused on a common theme, explored through articles and numerous fashion pages signed by a single photographer. It is also accompanied by new formats: a newspaper which includes a translation of the articles, a publishing project presenting each season a curation of the work of an artist close to our values ​​- giving rise to an exhibition - as well. than a fanzine. In order to offer the best possible accessibility to our content, all articles can now be found in digital version (in French as in English) by scanning their respective QR code over the pages. These also provide access to video interviews, as well as audio versions of the texts,

Antidote Magazine

Sublimated by the dreamlike and poetic photographs of Lee Wei Swee, the “Karma” fall-winter 2021/2022 issue brings together numerous interviews with leading personalities, from the eternal punk Béatrice Dalle to the new figurehead of French rap Laylow , through Agathe Rousselle (the main actress of Titane , Palme d'or of the Cannes Film Festival 2021), the R'n'B diva Kali Uchis, the young superstar model and actor Alton Mason and the author Corine Sombrun , who returns to the virtues of trance after having followed a long shamanic training. These interviews are also accompanied by a short story by the young prodigy of French literature Simon Johannin, as well as articles on the influence of mysticism on fashion designers, or on utopia. Radical Faeries camp .

Antidote Curates

Dedicated to the work of the American Mariette Pathy Allen, who has photographed people whose gender deviates from the norm for more than 40 years, the first edition of Antidote Curates presents a selection of photographs by this pioneering artist, whose work has notably contributed to changing the perception of transgender and non-binary people. Coming to underline the crucial importance of his work, it is the first work to bring together photos of the artist that span such a wide spectrum of time (from the late 1970s to the 2010s).

Antidote Fanzine

The fanzine brings together artists, singers, rappers, performers, actors, activists and models who herald the zeitgeist of tomorrow while helping to define the zeitgeist of today , inspiring us deeply through their journey, their messages and the independence of mind they demonstrate every day. Their portraits, where they shine with a thousand lights in the looks of the "Gucci Aria" collection, which celebrates the 100 years of the Florentine house, can be found in a polyphonic fashion series signed at the same time by two photographers, Jenny Brough and Yann Weber. A fashion story XXL accompanied by illustrations by the Spanish artist Pepo Moreno, marked by a disturbing playful and deceptively naive strangeness, as well as a text in the dazzling style of Susie Lau (aka Susie Bubble), which returns to the creative vision of Alessandro Michele and analyzes how she fits into the flamboyant history of Casa Gucci.

Antidote Newspaper

The first edition of Antidote Newspaper includes an English translation of the interviews and articles from the “Karma” issue, as well as a fashion series by Lee Wei Swee with the youtuber and star influencer Lena Situations, who has met with stratospheric success at only 23 years old.