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Beans #4

Beans #4

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BEANS represents diversity and accepting the differences in others. There are all kinds of beans; jelly beans, green beans, black beans, white beans, bean sprouts, etc. There are so many different shapes and colors that no one bean is the same. This to us represents the idea that everyone has something special about them. Everyone has their own things they’re into and those things make them special. BEANS is here to embrace and Inspire that idea.

In this issue:

Beans Magazine Vol. 4 is a step up in the continuation of our publication. Featuring surfing, skating, music, motocross, art, AI tech, and people all over the world. All under one roof. Rooted in SoCal youth culture. Capturing vibrant spirit and drawing connections across a diverse range of mediums. Our magazine looks to build a culture of inspired individuals as well as document them.

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