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BOYO #9 - Collages & Combines

BOYO #9 - Collages & Combines

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BOYO zine Issue 9 - Collages and Combines is inspired by water. I grew up on an island surrounded by it - the ever presence of it in my life - the necessity of its hold in my every day. This issue was made over a period when my foot was in long healing from surgery. It was floating - moving - diving - swimming that I missed the most. This issue is my love letter to the one element that has consistently been there - never left me - and always will be - there for me.

Australian dancer Rhys Kosakowski embodies and helps illustrate my most loved traits of water in images shot by Jamie Heath. Captured on the shores of a Sydney beach - his strength - movement - fluidity and playfulness reflects the motion of the ocean behind him.

I wanted these collages to capture that same sense of movement. And the combines made with images of body builders, and that have taken on a ‘trophy’ like shape - reflect the power and strength.

This must be the place. Issue 9, Collages and Combines - Let’s get wet.

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