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BranD #62

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BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Brand Design and Branding, with English-Chinese and English versions, published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd. and distributed globally since 2012.

Every issue defines a theme and invites contributions from worldwide notable branding designers.

In this issue:

BranD No. 62 - After Graduation: Career Development of Designers

Introduction “Graduation” is a hot topic at any time in any country, and numerous articles of graduation projects are reported every year.

However, how designers survive and develop their career after graduation is often ignored by the public. The knowledge of this matter is even absent in the courses.

In Issue 62, BranD decided to shift its focus away from the inspiration and creativeness of design, and come up with a basic and common question to designers—how to become an excellent designer—hence the theme “After Graduation: Career Development of Designers.”

This issue focused on the growth of the new generation of designers, hoping to provide them with knowledge and spirit to face various difficulties and challenges, and unleash their potential for being great designers.

To explore and solve the most practical problems after graduation, BranD invited 15 emerging designers and design studios from 10 different countries to share their challenging journey, by the means of in-depth career development files, group interview with readers, and free paintings about stress-relieving tips, and also shared an inspiring report of design industry trends mainly initiated by Dribbble.

Graduation is just a beginning. Let’s explore how to become a great designer in this era with the 15 outstanding designers and design studios around the world!