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BrownBook #70 - "Riyadh Issue"

BrownBook #70 - "Riyadh Issue"

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Brownbook is the essential guide to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa featuring beautiful photography and original artwork with in-depth stories and interviews on architecture, food, travel, and other cultures.

In this issue:

Brownbook 70 (Riyadh Issue)

After more than a decade and a half of publishing, Brownbook's 70th edition explores the city's evolving culture, art, and architectural landscape. We witness the convergence of tradition and technology shaping its new future.

Among those contributing are Sara Alissa and Nojoud Al-Sudairi, safeguarding Riyadh's heritage amidst rapid urban growth. We also speak to Safeya Binzagr, the master of Saudi art, a trailblazing painter capturing the Kingdom's spirit for half a century.

Traditional, contemporary, and modernist architectural landmarks across the city are reshaping its character, a theme explored in this issue, along with a special booklet focused on its modern architectural history.

Finally, we delve into the city's social aspects, including Camel Step Cafe, and explore legends that venture into the captivating world of camel racing.

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