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Cheese #3

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An independent magazine with global roots, CHEESE puts people and produce at the heart of the stories. The content ranges from engaging and thought-provoking essays and personal histories to photo stories: it is fun, researched, and personal, and explores the unique all through the wonderful lens of cheese. 

In this issue:

As diverse in location as the first two issues, it gets close and personal with the wonderful animals that make the cheeses we love. Photographer Orlando Gill takes us on a journey of a sheep farm in Coventry, England, and one sheep that caught our eye has become our cover star! We find out about goats in the hills of France and the countryside of Thailand. This issue also delves into the politics of ‘eating local’ when it comes to cheese, the British love for supermarket cheddar, the global queer cheese community, and a childhood search for Fillipino cheese. This issue is also not afraid to look at big questions, as well as get personal with wonderful cheesemakers the world over.