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DAMN #83

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DAMN° is an independent quarterly print magazine and digital platform that explores opinions on contemporary culture.

In this issue:

In this issue, we tiptoe into the major tectonic shifts currently rattling arts education and its institutes. All sides of this gridlocked clash make convincing arguments, because iniquity, bad attitudes, economic precarity, and worse have simmered for far too long, protected by a closed system. We give voice to both protest and moderation and add a dash of nostalgia via the 90s Art School before social media appointed itself to the role of everything from PR to police. Studio Makkink & Bey’s self-initiated Water School renegotiates the terms of an elementary school, its focal point, and its curriculum. And most urgently of all, we look at the gun culture in the US that is shaping the reality of teachers, parents, and children. Can the system be redesigned? Then we move beyond students to look at how society as a whole learns through protest, devastation, and sheer resilience – a quality that designer and technologist, John Maeda thinks needs more attention.