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Dirty Magazine #3: Death

Dirty Magazine #3: Death

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Dirty is a new print digital publication from India that brings new worlds together for observers to immerse and lose themselves in. The bi-annual book sheds skin every six months, taking on a singular theme with each edition. 'We are for people consumed by diverse cultures and fashion, frontrunners in the fields of fashion, art, music, media, design, textile and technology who are curious to discover niche artists and ideas before they become mainstream'.

In this issue:

In its third issue, dirty plays with the theme of death and the afterlife, in all its quiet, lurking, omnipresence. It seeks to explore an experience so deeply entrenched in inclusiveness– the one, unshaken, permanence in the dynamism of existence, that is beyond human understanding.

Presenting hybrid stories of those who interact with mortality in its many forms, that identity, that of encasing memories, that of ritualism and scientific revival, and those which become an act of duty– the issue has the reader graze their fingertips, solemnness, and celebration, along the delicateness of death.

A range of perspectives in photography, art, and text intermingle to construct a requiem dedicated to the irrefutable poetry of impending doom.

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