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Fraeulein #37

Fraeulein #37

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Fraulein is a biannual high fashion women's magazine published in Germany. Fräulein celebrates women in society, fashion, and cultur

In this issue:

Fräulein Issue 37

Never has our world ever been more divided – politically, socially, culturally. Bubbles determine someone’s thinking and speaking, and even if doubts come up, would they really be raised? It seems we are moving rather in a climate of canceling and shaming than of openness. How did we land here? When wokeness started to revolutionize the world, it’s values were high and noble: equality for all, freedom for everyone, acknowledgment for marginalized groups. But now, the revolution ate its children, at least somewhat. No one is doubting the important achievements of woke movements, but in terms of opinion pluralism and enduring differences, it seems to have turned to another extreme, seems to have come to a point where it never wanted to be. The point of prejudgement and non-acceptance of anyone thinking differently than one's own community. But this is not a point of no return: With Fräulein’s new issue, we advocate for free and innovative thinking, for compassion and kindness for everyone, for voices of reason rather than ideology.

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