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Frieze #240

Frieze #240

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Launched in 1991, frieze is a leading magazine of contemporary art and culture.

In this issue:

In the January/February issue of frieze, composer Marina Rosenfeld speaks to artist Meredith Monk as she celebrates six decades of creating art, and Edna Bonhomme visits artist Ellen Gallagher at her Rotterdam studio as her solo show opens at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum.

Conversation: Marina Rosenfeld and Meredith Monk

‘To me, what sound does in space is primary – how do you make a room sing?’ The artist and composer discuss the power of sound in space and the importance of taking risks.

Profile: Ellen Gallagher

‘Devotion is part of the constellation of Gallagher’s process, but so is exploration.’ Edna Bonhomme visits the aesthetically versatile artist at her Rotterdam studio.

Also featuring  

In ‘1,500 Words’, Goshka Macuga reflects on how Rose Finn-Kelcey remains a potent influence on her own work; John-Baptiste Oduor analyses the politics of producing and critiquing Black figurative art; and Kim Gordon, Chris Kraus, Erica Mahinay, Paul Sepuya Mpagi, Reynaldo Rivera and Jackie Wangpen love letters to Los Angeles.

Columns: Sleight of Hand   

Christina Catherine Martinez visits the renowned Magic Castle members club in Los Angeles; Franklin Melendez delves into the loving craftsmanship of Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron (2023); assistant editor Lisa Yin Zhang writes about Xiyadie’s enchanting paper cut-outs; and Juliana Halpertinterviews artist Kate Mosher Hall. Plus, associate editor Marko Gluhaich speaks to Aparelhamento about Ocupação 9 de Julho, a São Paulo organisation aiming to guarantee the constitutional right to housing, political and social reform.

Finally, Stephanie Seidel responds to a single work by Betye Saar, Kim Gordon contributes to our new series of artist ‘to-do’ lists and the latest iteration of our Lonely Arts column.

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