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Man About Town Autumn/Winter 2022

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Man About Town - is an independently produced publication that appeals to the confident, intelligent, luxury-conscious man of today. A guide to the season featuring comprehensively detailed, uniquely presented articles, which provide a full, distinctive view of their subjects.

In this issue:

Challenging the concept of the comfort zone and transgressing beyond the borders of familiarity, for Winter/Spring 2022/2023 we traverse trailblazing voices that live by the mantra: take the leap. Taking centre stage, polymath Nick Jonas contemplates fatherhood, the future and finding his focus, while model, poet and wrestler, Dylan Geick contemplates the shifting landscape of social media and finding his purpose. Leading in the hit Fate: The Winx Saga, Freddie Thorp talks on embracing every adventure from early childhood to the global stage, as on-screen veterans Luke Evans and Eric Dane reflect on the heights of Hollywood and life off-screen. Delve into the world of Logan Lerman and Joshua Jackson as they contemplate the power of production, Louis Culture and James Bay discuss lyrical gravity and searching for meaning. Discover all of this and more from Luke Grimes, Fabien Frankel, Jake Lacy and Josh Heuston…