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MOAN ZINE explores eroticism, self-liberation, desires, sexual pleasures, and unique narratives from all over the world through a variety of creative outputs. An erotic platform that acts as a diary for as many people as possible - with a primary focus on women (cis and trans) and non-binary people.

In this issue:

A big Fuck You to the complexities of society which oppress and shame sexual liberation for women. A political statement.

98 pages filled with honest and unique submission from all over the world, each exploring even more fantasies, fetishes and desires. Featuring new voices, experiences and conversation starters around safe sex, consent and positivity; we hope there is something in here for everyone and encourages you to explore true sexual liberation in your own terms.

In this zine you will find sex positive articles, reviews, poetry, erotic/fantasy stories, political statements, opinion pieces, photography and lots of illustrations. We’ve put in a lot of love and effort to make it as luxurious as possible.

The cover is Hot Foiled in Gunmetal Silver and Gloss Black on GF Smith ColorPlan Bitter Chocolate by RosePress. The inside pages are Risograph printed by Dizzy Ink in burgundy, flat gold, black and metallic silver on luxury cream paper. Carefully designed, curated and produced to celebrate each individual featured within the zine.

Featuring: Harriet Richardson, Violet Ivy, The Berlin Chameleon, Erika Lust, Layla Kosima, El Wood... and many more.

*This is a handmade book so please treat it like a work of art and be gentle with the spine. It’s not factory/mass produced like other books you may purchase.

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