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OFF THE RAILS #19 - 'Learning To Live Again'

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Off the Rails is a photography, art, and culture magazine that looks at artists of all mediums, youth culture, and current trends. It captures the present, remembers the past, and anticipates the future in every issue.

In this issue:

As the world seems to be heading back to some sort of normality. We need to be reminded not to ‘look back in anger’. It’s been hard for everyone. Some people for multiple reasons. We’ve lost enough this past year so we’ve gotta look ahead. We’re learning to live again and for us in the creative world, that feels kinda like starting from scratch, huh? Trust me mate it’s not. You’ve just gotta find your sweet spot again then everything else will fall back into place. You got this! Don’t look back.

An accidental letter to myself. It wasn’t meant to be but it fits like a glove. If you find that it applies to you too, run with it.

I’d personally like to dedicate this issue to Elizabeth again. Am sorry it’s been so all-consuming, even now still working at 5AM when you told me not to. I know you get it and support it. The good thing is the team are so ‘well oiled’ now that it’s time to divvy up the fun and let the misfits run wild. Which means I can nap with you on the nofa. Now let’s rebook our wedding ay?


Inside The Magazine

We’ve upped our game yet again. A choice of 3 double foiled covers. 324printed pages jam packed with eye watering, mind bending, tootsie tickling creative art! (566 in our extended digital version)

The technique used to create our insane covers has never been done before! It needs to be seen in real life to really appreciate it. So I suggest put one in your basket now :) 

Our main cover ‘Anxiety’ by Ilaria Cortesi really symbolises being locked in and it’s effect on our psyche. Our own grrrl Sarah Pardinishowers us with a whole bunch of creative stories including another cover star Caroline Vreeland, also Ashley Smith & Jaychelle aka Chinqpink amongst many others. Caroline also chats to r kid Will Goddard about getting married, wine, pasta and sex… obvs. Will also interviews Chuck Adams about his move from being signed with a major label making R&B, to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his needs to be an urban cowboy and helping others make music. Shot by Josh Beech. We link with the mystic artist/photographer Kasseusto create an extremely limited edition wrap around cover that you can only get from his Milan show or from us. 

Meanwhile in New York City, we go sailing around Manhattanwith a real hip hop artist, Wiki. He cooks up some mean eggs whilst Jacob Consensteinkeeps a visual record for us. Darren Black lets us into his world of grunge, punk rock, obscurity and iconic imagery. Piotrek Drzastwa documents Julian Klincewicz. The unsung hero that is the skate videographer. 

So what else we got? Well… We pull apart Shane Vincents book ‘nuff love’featuring D Double E, Slow Thai amongst incredible street photos documenting how he sees London. Man of our city of Manchester, Peter J Walsh shares his view of the Hacienda rave scene back in the day. We delve into the portfolio of Nico Geller. A nostalgic world of motels, cowgirls and liquor stores. Tik Tok sensation Callder Griffith tames wild horses out in the desert. KG Marguel and his large scale ‘Basquiat-esque’ paintings. Julie Howeblows our mind with her fashion collages and we go road trippin’ across Small Town America with our own, Matthew Comer