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Profane #16

Profane #16

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Profane is a bi-annual journal dedicated to amateurs, in the broadest sense of the word. Art lovers, compulsive collectors, those obsessed by unusual objects, Sunday painters, feverish accumulators of so-called unimportant things…

In this issue:

This is our sixteenth issue. This may seek a modest number, but it's less so in the context of an independent publication, which only benefits from the pleasure of sharing its amateur infatuations, bearing witness to othern ways of doing things and welcoming the world's fantasy.

We can imagine the previous fifteen greeting the arrival of the newcomer, giving him a place alongside them, celebrating him with three Give me five for the occasion. But this time, Profane had decided to take all its volumes out of their paper reservers abd reinvent them in space, for the duration of an exhibition from June 2 to 11. Sixteen issues are well worth a little tour de piste, a mini-summer retrospective! Above all, the idea is to get to know the magazine, its contributors and its proposals in a different way.

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