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Rice #23

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RICE is a food culture magazine that travels, launched in FALL 2016 with a theme of 'Lifestyle Foodie'  With special features in each issue such as soba, sake, ramen, curry, and ethical food, the magazine provides fresh information on Japanese food culture for people who believe that food is a lifestyle itself.

In this issue:

The special theme of the July 2022 issue is "Spice Journey, Mystery of Curry"!

Spice curry that looks like it's completely established and got citizenship. However, how many people can assert that they have mastered the secret of spice curry?

No matter how much you eat, you can meet new deliciousness, and no matter how much you make it, you will see recipes and recipes you have never seen before. There are endless combinations of spices, not spices = curry.

There are endless variations in the process and methodology to get to delicious curry. There is a mystery, but there is no right answer. You don't have to ask for a one-of-a-kind answer.

Curry is endless and free. That's why I'm attracted and connected. Now, let's go on a spice journey full of mystery and enchantment.