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Rouge Fashionbook #11

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Rouge Fashionbook is China’s first bi-annual luxury independent fashion and art magazine, bringing a mix of young artists from China together with the works of international artists to create a truly China-centric global fashion and art community. The Book will feature fashion shoots, in-depth interviews with designers and influential subjects from the world of art and fashion. The aim of Rouge Fashionbook is to provide a platform for the new generation o​f creatives from China and Asia to showcase their work and creating fashion-forward images with the help of more established international artists.

In this issue:

SCIENTIST" explores both utopia and dystopia that the future is building for humankind. Do we still see the reality? What is our reality now? Or do we still want to see what is real? We try to let the readers to reflect on the world that we are living in, to question how to stay true in a future that is filled with make-believe.