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THE NEW ORDER was founded upon the philosophy of creating something insightful for our readers, with the premise being to originate.

In its inaugural print format THE NEW ORDER has flourished in many areas. Manifesting a purist dedication to a consistent body of cerebral, intelligent work, that encourages making time and slowing down the ingestion of information. With focus placed on educating, informing and entertaining via a devotion to in depth journalism and cultural / sub cultural analysis.

In this issue:

THE NEW ORDER ISSUE 27 features two covers:

THUNDERCAT is the first, photographed by Adam Titchener. The story provides a great insight into the world and unique personality of THUNDERCAT emphasised by an insightful interview with the artist.

The second cover, shot by James Oliver features famed actor Sung Kang. Kang together with Japanese sneaker empire atmos make for a very distinctive editorial shot in Tokyo. Furthermore Oliver sat down with Kang to discuss his world in Hollywood and his perception on teh world.

Featured content in this issue:

GEEK OUT STORE, shot by the talented Kenichi Yamaguchi this editorial features GEEK OUT STORES Chokan’s extensive collection of Stone Island and C.P. Company. POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF) are making big moves with their own unique take on technical apparel design so we created an editorial shot by James Oliver; musician GOYA GUMBANI is shot by Adam Titchener in London; SOFTMACHINE who are celebrating its 20th anniversary is photographed by James Oliver and features a number of friends of the label. We look at the LIBERAIDERS collection with Mei Yong documenting his trip to California. We got the unique opportunity to take a look at youth culture in Palestine through the lens of Maen Hammed and words of Samia Qaiyum with a piece entitled LANDING ON STOLEN LAND. Japanese label ENTS aka EASY NOT TO SELL makes for a distinctive editorial and read with MIDORIKAWA designer Taku Midorikawa taking ownership of the design process from the autumn/winter 2022 collection. Furthermore, the likes of Age Factory and IZ all make for interesting think pieces for the issue while we took a look at the collaboration between ALEXIS GROSS and FLAGSTAFF. Another noteworthy editorial is the DANCE UNTIL DAYLIGHT, an article that provides a very unique insight into the underground Tokyo club scene with an abundance of well known people featured.