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tmrw #48

tmrw #48

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Launched as a new music blog back in 2012, tmrw is now a multi-platform culture magazine brand creating thought-provoking content and internet-breaking shoots of the highest quality.

In this issue:

Volume #48 is the premium lifestyle bible that is perfect for your coffee table.

"I’m guilty of asking Henry Moodie perhaps the most flippantly asked question in human history: “How are you?” Moodie says that, on this day, at this moment, he’s “good.” The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is on holiday in Ibiza after months of opening on tours for The Vamps and Mimi Webb, as well as staging his first headlining tour, so he has every reason to feel good. But Moodie is conscious of answering that question transparently, regardless of if he’s blissful in Ibiza or anxious backstage.

“You know that toxic masculinity thing where guys can’t really express their emotions? I’ve never really had that,” Moodie says. “My dad has always been very open, so I’ve never felt the pressure to not talk about my emotions. If my mum’s like, ‘How are you?,’ he’ll say exactly how he’s feeling. It was just small things. He’s also a doctor, so he’s very intelligent, and I feel like intelligent people know that bottling up your emotions isn’t a good thing to do.”"

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