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Typeone #5

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Typeone is a new bi-annual magazine that fuses creative type mediums with topics such as culture, business, technology, innovation, global issues and design.

In this issue:

Visual Identity Design X Type Design & Typography

We’ve done it a little differently this time around. 

To help inject even more value for you, we’ve partnered up with The Brand Identity as our guest Editor! TBI and its team of talented writers explore a variety of interesting topics and perspectives centered around the role typography and type design play in the world of visual identity design and branding.

The Value We Bring

With every issue, we dedicate ourselves to the task of providing you with grounded pieces of advice from industry professionals to better your creative career, relatable content from designers at all stages of their career journeys, inspirational stories, and a fresh, unique perspective on the world of graphic design and typography.

Cover Design

We commissioned Utrecht-based graphic designer Daan Rietbergen.  He’s injected his reputably bold approach to typography topped with a stunning KMS701 Pristine White foiled finish by our production sponsor FoilCo.