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UBIKWIST celebrates Diversity. This bi-annual, international, independent New York-based publication evokes global perspective and features emerging as well as established talent across all genres of popular culture: Fashion, Beauty, Music, Art, Film, Design, Illustration, and Reportage.

In this issue:

This issue marks a pivotal moment for the magazine as it features an unprecedented number of women artists. The Collective sets the stage for a new kind of storytelling – merging fashion, illustrations, paintings, and beauty in a compelling and provocative style that focuses on the artist-activist. Set for a pre-summer release, Collective will highlight Ubikwist’s journey and address cultural highlights through the personal lens of extraordinary artists. With photos shot in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, this issue’s theme utilizes the multiplier effect to shine a light on activism and representational art, the kind of collective discourse that is needed to condemn war and protect women’s rights and healthcare. In true Ubikwist fashion, established artists collaborate with up-and-coming stars in sharing the spotlight. At the core of this special issue proves why Ubikwist has been a champion for diverse beauty. Page after page, beauty norms are shattered as fresh and unconventional faces measure themselves by their own aspirations.

The issue marks the most extensive global content collaboration for Ubikwist since its inception – featuring an extremely diverse cast of models, photographers, designers, and curators. From jewelry designer Jacqueline Rabun, gallerist Destinee Ross-Sutton, activist and New York Times bestselling author Keith Boykin to actors Michael Evans Behling and Rachida Brakni, Collective centers Black voices and women in an issue that highlights excellence and art across a multifaceted spectrum.

As the war in Ukraine continues to dominate the airwaves, Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus talks about conveying powerful messages through clothes. The issue also features Fashion Roundtable founder Tamara Cincik, who shares her vision in promoting inclusion and diversity in fashion. In making their strides loud and firm, Black Surfing Association (East Coast chapter) cofounder Lou Harris shares their story of empowering Black youth through a profound cause. The bevy of images and their layouts in each feature extends beyond what is conveyed through the eye. It’s an issue that proves that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words… and more.

In this issue, every collaborator shares their own interpretation of Collective. Some very literal, others in subtle presentations. The Collective issue is an intersection of stories and powerful art forms that are beautifully compiled to send a resounding message to readers: that our voices and collective actions matter.