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Ubikwist Issue 15 - The Fearless Issue

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UBIKWIST celebrates Diversity. This bi-annual, international, independent New York-based publication  evokes global perspective and features emerging  as well as established talent across all genres of popular culture: Fashion, Beauty, Music, Art, Film, Design, Illustration and Reportage.

In this issue:

Ubikwist Issue 15 - The Fearless Issue

Ubikwist magazine is thrilled to announce its 15th issue, themed Fearless. The anticipated fall/winter edition is an ode to the cultural climate that is forming around us. The assault on women and LGBTQ+ and minority rights has prompted worldwide action of resistance and solidarity – from women in Iran who are burning their hijabs to protest restrictive laws on women’s appearance to Afghanistani and Ukrainian women and men who are fighting for their freedom and that of their children to migrant workers in Qatar exposing the abuses abundant in their slave labor conditions to women back home in the US who made their voices loud and firm during the midterm elections. Fearless celebrates a generation of women, men, and nonbinary people who refuse to give in to forces of oppression.