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We Are Makers #9

We Are Makers #9

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We Are Makers' is a new bi-annual publication that showcases a wide array of wonderful, dedicated, and talented makers from across the globe.

In this issue:

Edition Nine marks our magazine's triumphant fifth year. In a world constantly besieged by crises, both unyielding and ever-changing, we've weathered storms, restructured, and consistently set ambitious goals. Amidst it all, the crux of our endurance resonates with a simple truth: we are still here.

With this edition, discover an exceptional array of makers' stories from the artisanal prowess of Married couple Nara and Sin who are the design talent behind NERB Handcrafted, a boutique leather goods studio whose super-stylish accessories – bags, belts, wallets, homewares, furniture and even custom car interiors – are gaining fans all over the world. Nara gives us an insight into her self-taught practice from her home workshop. 

Moving to Gabriela Sierra from Montreal, Canada, a jewellery designer and maker. For some, the road to full-time making is a straight path. For Gabriela, a few diversions, some deep realisations and a valuable mistake or two led her to where she is now: running a thriving business handcrafting contemporary jewellery in silver, natural gemstones and glass. 

Back to the UK, to Simon Maillet - landscape design is not necessarily a natural first rung on the ladder of making highly sought-after knives for chefs. But a series of adventures and opportunities led Simon Maillet from France to Sheffield – via professional kitchens – to a whole new craft and career. 

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