The Bike

A trip to Copenhagen back in 2020 along with our love for the Scandinavian indie scene and way of living seeded the idea for our business, a business running out of a cargo bike.

The plan to offer a more sustainable way of doing business was give focus by the development of the Greater Manchester Bee Network, an idea to connect every neighbourhood and community in Greater Manchester, making it easier for people to get around on foot or by bike.

We chose the Christiania No Box +30 model specifically because we wanted a highly customisable cargo bike that stands out from the rest.

Working with Studio Critical, together we have developed a mobile bookstore on a Christiania bike frame that would allow for indie periodicals to be brought to the streets of Manchester. We have blended the practicality of industrial design with the sustainability of the Nordic minimalism.

Our objectives were simple: to design something friendly and appealing that would attract people, allow customers to browse and explore content, as well as facilitate the selection and purchase portion of the retail cycle.