The Face of Catalog

Hi, I am Peter, the owner and director of Catalog.

The idea for a bookshop on wheels was born back in 2020, due to a combination of factors - my love for the printed world; inspiration taken from the independent shops that I have come across on my travels; as well as by the Scandinavian indie scene and way of living.

Having been a bookworm since childhood, I've always had the desire to create a space where people from all walks of life come together, communicating their ideas, needs, interests, and their quirks. A space that also serves the needs and wants of a local community.
In a world where we're constantly stuck to screens, it's refreshing and comforting to step outside into a quirky mobile bookshop, to browse through its titles, pick up a piece, sample it and head home with a new discovery in hand. 

At a time when social bonds are fraying, I am hoping that Catalog will have the power to create a sense of community and that it will become a hive of activity for those who are passionate about independent print, arts, culture, and design. An Aladdin's Cave of independent magazines, journals, books, and stationery; an oasis for the lovers of the printed page.