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Canvas #109

Canvas #109

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Founded by Ali Y. Khadra in 2003, Canvas is the premier contemporary art magazine in the Middle East. It serves as the primary platform for artists in the region and has been a catalyst for the growth and prosperity of the local art scene on the international stage.

In this issue:

Canvas Issue 108 - The Root of it All

This issue’s cover features Richard Mille Art Prize winner Rand Abdul Jabbar’s Earthly Wonders, Celestial Beings (2019), an ongoing series of clay sculptures inspired by architectural, artisanal and literary artefacts from the atrist’s native Iraq. Combining archaeology with notions of home, genealogy and memory, the work resonates with the issue’s theme The Root of it All – an exploration of the literal and symbolic meanings of roots in contemporary rt across our region and beyond, from identity and sense of place to the give and take between humans and nature.

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