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Canvas #111

Canvas #111

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Founded by Ali Y. Khadra in 2003, Canvas is the premier contemporary art magazine in the Middle East. It serves as the primary platform for artists in the region and has been a catalyst for the growth and prosperity of the local art scene on the international stage.

In this issue:

Canvas Issue 111

Our cover shows the facade of Louvre Abu Dhabi lit up with projections depicting distinctive Islamic geometric patterns for the landmark show Cartier, Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design. Showcasing the influence of Islamic art on the maison’s designs from the early 20th century to the presentday, the exhibition reflects the theme of this issue, Crafting the Contemporary, in which we examine the impact of traditional craftsmanship on contemporary practices, the value of local knowledge and techniques in the production of artwork and the importance of community engagement, custodianship, education and conservation.

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