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Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man

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Fantastic Man is a biannual print magazine since 2005, founded in Amsterdam by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom. An award-winning publication, made by an international group of esteemed contributirs and featuring the most stellar subjects season upon season, Fantastic Man is full of frank conversation, insightful reportage, eager observation, great style, glorious photography, and an invariably sharp focus on men, menswear, art and culture today.

In this issue:

It’s Spring 2024, and a new print issue of Fantastic Man is out now. Featuring, among many other things, stories on art critic Jerry Saltz, Palace founder Lev Tanju who also designs for FILA+, artists Jake Grewal and Alvaro Barrington, model Leon Dame, Mel Ottenberg of Interview magazine fame and NTS Radio’s Femi Adeyemi who sold a good chuck of his business to an esteemed music multinational. Plus information on shorts, colours, jumpers and long sleeves to wear or dream about, and what vegetables to eat.

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