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Fridge Magazine

Fridge Magazine

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It is said that the decor of a house reflects someone's inner personality. In Fridge Magazine you can see what a house looks like when someone is overworked.

Witness models throwing away expired food, vacuuming and washing dishesGlimpse into the minds of artists who encounter the same daily annoyances we are all too familiar with.

Observe how people declutter their houses to get their lives under control. Although Fridge is a silly metaphor for organization, it carries a message about accepting that you will never be completely in control of everything.

Unfortunately, work always returns, becoming more confusing and more challenging. Hopefully, like the models you embrace the chaos of modern life in style.

Fridge magazine features a unique split format so you can open the top and bottom independently creating a multitude of unique spreads. It also features actual fridge magnets and a magnetic cover for you to customize the look.

Fridge is the first magazine created by Studio Public House. It's a playful analogy to self-expression/identity and satirizes fashion magazines. 


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