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HUNGER is a quarterly culture and fashion magazine, based in London and founded by Rankin in 2011.

In this issue:

HUNGER - Issue 30

Introducing our first ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ cover star Weyes Blood for HUNGER’s 30th Issue! The musician Natalie Mering has made a career out of unpicking the anxieties at the heart of modern life – climate change, technology and growing isolationism. But when it comes to her output as Weyes Blood, raising the alarm has never sounded more beautiful.

Our sencond cover of Hunger issue 30 is NicholasGalitzine. In a movie landscape where male actors are being implored to star in romcoms and help revitalise a flagging genre, Galitzine has got you covered: his biggest roles have all been romantic leads straight out of a storybook (or Wattpad). “The benefit you have is people who are already really, really passionate and ready to support your work. It definitely can be daunting but, if I’m honest, I’ve only felt encouragement and love.”

Squire’s a dude and I’m a dude.” Where’s Your Head At? Liam Gallagher Liam gallagher And John Squire are HUNGER Issue 30’s next cover stars! “He sent some tunes and I liked them. They had John singing on them with just guitars. I thought these will be mega with drums and bass and then obviously be even better with me on it.”

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