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Marfa Journal #21

Marfa Journal #21

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Marfa Journal, the London magazine that took its name from a desert Texan town, turned into MARFAMILY and now, to keep things simple, is known as plain MARFA.

In this issue:

For MARFAMILY, driving has always been a critical game of risk. You travel from destination to destination, all the while aware that any unknown could knock you off course. 

These are just the kind of things on our minds at the moment. Let MARFA #21 be the answer to all life’s pitfalls though, a blanket of respite via the pages of an audaciously chic magazine.

Shrug your crises away and indulge in the conversational and visual treats. Filled with delights to get you back on the road, from contributors Johnny Dufort, Makram Bitar, Vanessa Reid, Max Pearmain, Emma Wyman, Jawara Alleyne, Alexandra Gordienko, Senta Simond, Max Farago and many more.

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