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Pin-Up #36

Pin-Up #36

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PIN–UP is a New York-based magazine focused on pure architectural entertainment — the meeting point of architecture, art, and design.

In this issue:

The OMA partner pushes architecture forward by building
Interview by Felix Burrichter
Photography by Chris Maggio

The Indian-born architect creates low-cost housing solutions with vernacular knowledge and materials
Interview by Victoria Camblin
Portraits by Joseph Kadow

The Taos, New Mexico-based radical visionary turns recycled beer cans and tires into self-sustaining architectural gems
Interview by Michael Bullock
Portraits by Luke Abby

The certified expert of all things smell is on a quest to sharpen your fifth sense
Text by Whitney Mallett
Portraits by Lengua

Also in the issue: Inside Francesco Vezzoli’s Milanese home, a high-drama Italian design lover’s dream; Yale Center for British Art director (and the next executive director of the Rauschenberg Foundation) Courtney J. Martin on renovating an iconic Louis Kahn building; Fabrizio Ballabio and Alessandro Bava reinterpret the idea of “made in Italy” with their Milan-based architectural studio BB; Limbo Accra create speculative futures for unfinished architecture around the world; and Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia calls for a radical reevaluation of “home” as a vector for social and economic change.

Plus: Pippa Garner and Hedi Slimane’s Celine Art Project.

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