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Purple #41: The Essence of Fashion Issue

Purple #41: The Essence of Fashion Issue

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Purple Fashion is a magazine that knows that having personality is about more than just being extroverted. Published in Paris under the eye of its charismatic Editor-In-Chief, Olivier Zahm, each issue is as decadent as his lifestyle is reported to be. Its articles and photo shoots ooze intimacy and somehow get inside places that many would dream to be. Indulgent? Perhaps. Typical? Definitely not. Purple Fashion manages to capture a ‘fashionable’ world in a way that subverts notions of superficiality and replaces it with a focus on personal expression and quality.

In this issue:

This is the Essence of Fashion issue, covering the A—Z of ‘the system of fashion and its profound influence on art, sexuality, gender, politics, cinema and celebrity culture’. There’s architecture, exoskeleton, fabrics and forms, narcissism, youth and our favourite—magazines, in which editor Olivier Zahm chats to indie mag royalty Mel Ottenberg, formerly of Purple and current editor-in-chief at Interview. 

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