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Reed magazine’s mission is to create a platform where we can share authentic stories about the people & things that inspire us and truly give our readers a better sense for what makes them tick. Reed magazine is our return to the timeless world of print journalism tapping into reed art department's unique insight on modern streetwear, sneaker & fashion culture.

In this issue:

As we close the books on 2023, we figured who would bebetter to highlight in our third issue than the creativevisionary and designer, NICOLE MCLAUGHLIN!

McLaughlin is a world-class designer.In 2018, a hobby evolved into a career, one that focuses onthe ever-evolving exploration around upcycling andsustainable fashion. Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to her creative process, Nicole has transformed old volleyballsinto slippers, camera bags into bralettes, and crafted boardshorts from packets of Haribo gummies. This unexpectedtranslation of materials allows her to uniquely highlight themessage of sustainability—a key element to her success inchanging the perception around waste and sustainabledesign.

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