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Wonderland - Spring 2024

Wonderland - Spring 2024

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Wonderland is an international, independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art.

In this issue:

Wonderland Spring 2024 Issue

Cailee Spaeny covers the Spring 2024 issue wearing Bulgari

“I definitely felt like you took me under your wing, I felt like in terms of acting you took me seriously.”

Actor Cailee Spaeny is known for her independence in choosing roles, from Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla to Alex Garland’s Civil War. In their upcoming A24 thriller, Civil War, co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Cailee find themselves immersed in a chaotic, war-torn America. Bound by Coppala’s cinematic femininity, their bond deepens as they transition from being “the sad girl in the bathtub”, to portraying gutsy characters on the battlefield. Covering our Spring 24 issue, Cailee chats to her

co-star Kirsten about the savage, emotional rollercoaster that filming Civil War was, the power of being a “Sofia Coppola girl”, and their on-set soul connection.

Kano covers the Spring 2024 issue

"I've been recording, I kind of stopped recording now, but I was recording a little bit last year. I'm going to continue again this year. What I miss a hell of a lot is the stage. I miss performing. So I want to be performing and I'm always turning down shows and stuff because I always want to perform with new material. Obviously, I’d perform the old material as well, but with the focal point being new material. So I would love to drop something soon, but it just has to be right. But yeah, I'm in that place though. I'm definitely in that place."

Top Boy, The Kitchen, Made In The Manor and Method to the Maadness – rapper and actor Kane Robinson (a.k.a. Kano) has used his life experiences in London to create some of British music and TV’s most celebrated works. Covering our Spring 24 issue, The Kitchen Director Daniel Kaluuya talks to the artist and music pioneer about his career to date.

Wonderland - Spring 2024, Dominic Sessa wears Omega.

“I think in all of [Payne’s] movies, he’s looking for real people and not wanting [them] to seem like an actor or a celebrity, which I think is why he really liked me. He had a look in his mind [for Angus] and there's something about my hair and I had these crazy sideburns in high school. Maybe he was just in a good mood the day he saw my tape or something. You never know what it is. It really does come down to those moments, the stars having to align in a perfect way.”

Before being cast in director Alexander Payne’s emphatically acclaimed, ‘70s boarding school-set flick, Dominic had never stepped in front of the gaze of the camera. Now, his debut role as teenage troublemaker Angus Tully in the BAFTA and Golden Globe winning comic-drama, The Holdovers, has quickly made Dominic Sessa Hollywood’s new golden boy. Covering our Spring 24 issue, he talks working with legendary actor Paul Giamatti, his unsual casting process and planning his next move.

Wonderland - Spring 2024, Yanan wears Prada

Covering our Spring 2024 issue, photographer Axle Jozeph and Wonderland's Editor-in-Chief Toni-Blaze Ibekwe capture model Yanan wearing Prada in an empowering, colour-popping hallucinatory world.

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